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Property for sale – where to start?

Putting a property on the market can be a stressful experience.  But, with a help of a professional estate agent, this process can be child’s play (as long as the agent does their job!). Information about market trends and how effective a property promotion strategy is, changes daily and good estate agents monitor it closely to stay on top of the game. Finding right buyers for your property is the ultimate goal and it rarely happens by accident. It is achieved by getting the right valuation, presenting the property to its full potential and using the right mix of promotional channels, including traditional and modern media.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just get the property “listed”, we need to actively reach out to the prospective buyers.

Here are a few suggestions, to help you start. And, if you have any further questions, we are just a phone call away.

How to value a property?

“Accurately” would be the best answer. Choosing too high a price may be tempting, and some estate agents do this just to win business, with a view of reducing the price later. This practice can actually damage your property’s position on the market and limit the interest of buyers that would otherwise consider viewing this type of residence. In addition, overpriced properties tend to stay longer on the market, which often leads to reducing the asking price once, twice – even more!

On the other hand, when the price it too low, it may be a source of uncomfortable questions about the state of the property.  This may reduce your chances of getting the asking price.

Here are a few things professional estate agents take into account when valuing a property:

  • • Location (including transport infrastructure, type of the area, proximity to schools and cultural institutions, etc.)
  • • Layout, potential for further development and condition
  • • Current market price for comparable properties in the area
  • • Market trends
  • • Demand

We do not believe in overvaluing properties – we’d rather get the right price and find the right buyers for it.

How to market a property?

Once the price is right, we need to present the property to its prospective buyers. Whether it’s an online viewing or a real-life visit, first impressions are crucial and we only have seconds to make them count. Apparently it takes an online viewer only 2.7 seconds to decide to enquire and 15 seconds to make up their mind about a property they’re visiting in real life. Follow these top tips on how to maximise your chances of making your property remembered for all the right reasons:

  • • Trace your viewers footsteps, what can they see when looking at your house from the outside: neat driveway, trimmed hedge, well kept garden, clean front door? Keep it ship-shape – your prospective buyer may form an opinion whether to make an offer before they reach the front door!
  • • Home is your castle, but now you are trying to find it a new king and they may have different approach to interior design, so decluttering is always a good idea: it will make the space look bigger and will help show your viewers the potential of the rooms
  • • Broken furniture, stained carpets and pet hair are to be removed
  • • When you think about selling your property, it’s high time to finish all the little DIY projects around the house
  • • Think about the lighting, it helps create an atmosphere in a room and helps make it inviting

All these will help make your property look great in real life and in pictures. Now it’s time to increase exposure and that means marketing.

Where to promote a property?

We find that an effective mix of online and traditional media can often double the exposure of a property, however final shape of a marketing campaign depends on the type of the property we are marketing and the profile of prospective buyers. So you can find some of our properties in local press, such as:

  • Romford Recorder
  • Property Mart
  • The Yellow Advertiser

Our website is an excellent source of information about recent properties, and they can be viewed in a variety of formats, from “gallery” to “magazine view”. But that’s not all, we advertise on major portals, including Rightmove.

In addition, we stay in touch with prospective buyers via email alerts and we also create mail shots campaigns. This strategy usually works best for us.

If you are thinking about putting your property on the market, we’d like to help, so feel free to call us on 01708 504455 or email: for a free, NO OBLIGATION valuation of your property.

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