Whats your New Years Resolution for 2018?


We all have great hopes for the new year and set ourselves sometimes, unrealistic goals.

Why, just because it is January 1st do we put ourselves under so much pressure to make changes that we will never keep. Diets, smoking, keeping in contact with people, learn a new language, cook healthier meals, write a book, work harder, get out more. Phew, the list is endless.

I am not going to make any resolutions, why? because I think you should make the changes for you, not because you feel you have to be one of the crowd and do what everyone is doing. Stop.

Think of just one thing that you would like to do that you enjoy, really enjoy, that makes you happy. Forget the diets, going to the gym, because if you are happy you will eat better anyway. 

Owning GBP Estates and being head of lettings. I enjoy what I do. There is nothing more satisfying than finding that perfect home for your tenant and that perfect tenant for your landlord. But, it does come with stressful times.

You are governed by so much legislation that you have to make sure everything is compliant with the property and your paperwork together with making sure your tenant is who they say they are!!. Believe me, you have to have a good nose for this. With many years experience, I have come across quite a few who think they can dodge my checking system.! False bank statements, ID. It can be hard work making sure they are the right ones. Our team has to make that decision to move those tenants in. Failure is not an option here.

Working hard 6 days a week and having brilliant staff to support me. I am now able to take a day off and have decided  to contact our local animal charity in Essex to volunteer. Having a dog of my own a Miniature Schnauzer, I just love dogs. Looking after the animals, finding them new loving homes is a great feel good factor. If you feel good, you feel better in yourself.

Watch this space with my volunteering news.

Good luck to you all on what ever you decide in the New Year.