Hello…is there anyone there?

So…do you want to talk to us.

I mean who wants to talk to an estate agent? Are they not people who are only interested in your money and have no interest in you?

Is your perception that we sit around all day, occasionally picking up the ‘phone, arrange a viewing, agree a sale and then get paid a lot of money for not doing an awful lot of work?

Are people really bothered as long as they sell their home for the right price – or is there a big mis-understanding of what we really do, how we achieve the owner’s goals and that we actually do care about the community and our clients?

The reason I’ve posted this question is that our office has been discussing today the values of inter-acting with people to let them know more about us and more about who we are on social media e.g. facebook.

We know we are good at what we do, as clients who have used us – have told us. We also know that we have some very nice, caring people that work here – again the chocolates, bottle of wine, thank you cards and the repeat business confirms this. So how do we let others know this?

Well, everyone says you must be on facebook and twitter and communicating with the local community.

Well we are. But are people really interested in what we did down at the pub, or that we had a nice lasagne at some expensive gastro-pub? We could video our office dog, Liesel answering the phone. Would that be more interesting?

Do you want to know the latest governments stance on Brexit. Or how about the fact your property has gone up in value 0.2% in the last 2 years compared to Scunthorpe (with apologies to Scunthorpe).

So back to the beginning. Do you want to talk to us – or do you want us to talk to you?

What is it that you want to hear if you do?

If you really are interested in Auntie’s knee operation – I’ll let you know!

So, come on everyone out there in facebook land. Take some time to let me know what excites you (careful!) and what facts, information, stories you want to see.

We promise to ditch the boring, long-winded blah blah blah and brighten up our world and yours and have a little bit of fun on the way (careful again!)

We await your honest, considered answers.

Kevan Wimborne      01/05/18