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Buying a property is such a personal and emotional decision, makes this such a difficult question to answer.

From my own experience, I have bought 3 properties in my life.

I have only ever looked at 3 properties – the one’s I bought!

So, I am possibly an exception to the rule. The thing is, I knew what I wanted, I knew where I wanted to live and I researched the places where I wanted to live first.


I have taken so many people to view properties through the years, that I know just what they have said they are looking for. They have absolutely loved it, walked around it 3 times, decided where the furniture is going to go and then have turned around afterwards and said, “it’s the first one we’ve seen, so we want to see some more”. It’s almost like an automatic response to protect themselves and have been advised to do so by so many ‘experts’.


Now that’s fine, but, after viewing another 20 -30 properties, dismiss them to then come back to the first one and find it’s sold is a lesson.

Do your research first, often you would have picked out the best one’s for you from everything that’s available and you have probably spent hours searching in the first place!

Trust your judgement – if it ticks all your boxes, why not go for it? What more are you hoping to find elsewhere. The rest probably won’t match up anyway. Go back for a 2nd visit immediately with a friend or relative for another opinion and if it still excites – make an offer.


Now contradicting this, it may take you weeks or months to find the right property, if you are looking for more of a niche property. Or by nature you are a more considered person and prefer a methodical approach and enjoy relentless viewings and searching.

By the time you have seen the 20 – 30 properties, they begin to all seem similar. Then you possibly decide to ‘settle’ for a property which really wasn’t as good as the first one or second one you saw, but you now need to find something whilst you still have the will!


There really isn’t a right or wrong way.

Me, I prefer the first way. Research, check and trust yourself. Saved me time, money and many headaches.


The last piece of advice, is to really find an agent you can trust. Ask as many questions as you want. Sure, they want to sell a property – but they also want your future business and referrals, so they will give you as much help and guidance as you need - we really are nice people!


Happy house hunting!

Kevan Wimborne

Sales Manager

GBP Estates Romford


It never fails to amaze me when owners are selling, the attention to detail, or lack of, they give to how their most valuable asset appears in adverts and property brochure’s, showing off their property.

Photos are the shop window of your property.

It’s how potential buyers engage with your home. They’re not too bothered and don’t have the time to read through endless text telling them you have enough plug sockets to power the local town, that there are stairs leading to the first floor (that’s re-assuring!) or there is a door to the garden – phew, I thought I would have to get out through a window!

Have you heard the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’?  Well, it applies even more when you want to sell. Think of selling a car, for instance. Would you post pictures of it after you’ve just been rallying and would you show the interior full of empty coffee cups and the odd pizza box or two?

No. You would be clearing the car out, cleaning the interior, you would be polishing the outside, top to bottom, ending up with that shiny, dazzling finish. Then you would take a photo of it in bright sunshine, showing your gleaming prized possession. This is how you would get buyers, wanting to see your car, sit in it and take it for a drive and hand over the cash, paying you the top price!

Now think of how you would show off your home!

Why don’t agents tell vendor’s that buyers don’t want to see your pile of ironing, a bath you wouldn’t jump in, what you had for dinner two nights ago, the cat’s toilet or the garden cunningly disguised as a scrap yard!

What do I need to do?

Here’s a tip for you. Walk out of the front door and walk in again and see your property through a viewer’s eyes. Would you be impressed? If you’re honest and you’re not - then you need to change it as you could lose out on several thousands of pounds.

Spend time removing anything that could put off potential buyers. Make sure the rooms look spacious even if they're not by de-cluttering. Stand by the doorway of each room and ‘see’ the picture.

I’m not saying the house needs to look like a show-home or something you would see in a glossy, but when the images are out there, with buyers sifting through every property on the market, make sure you have a house that stands out – just a little bit – and you will be surprised by the difference it makes.

It’s not rocket science, is it?


A question I hear all the time. As owning a property is going to be most people’s, single biggest investment in their life, it’s an important question to ask. The market in general has been through some fluctuating times recently, with many factors including Brexit, the Euro’s and the Olympics, school holidays all causing ripples of uncertainty.

However, locally, in the market place’s we cover through East London and Essex, we seem to have taken all of this in our stride and there seems to have been very little or no effect, on buyers wanting to move and prices do not seem to have been affected.

We are finding the demand from purchasers to move into the local area’s as strong as ever. One example being many people relocating from more expensive areas of London, taking advantage of good quality housing at more realistic pricing, along with the increased awareness and impact that Crossrail is having, also helping to fuel the interest.

At the present time, demand is outstripping supply, so if your thoughts are turning towards selling your property, now is a good time to getting started. Seasonal trends are not important as they once were – if people need to move, for whatever reason – they’re not waiting for a particular time of the year to look, so the market is always active. Currently the lower to mid-price range around our local areas of Havering are performing particularly well and the upper range is also starting to pick up.

As there is such a demand, you may already have made the decision to sell. So the next step is how do I start – and who should I choose to sell with. The answer may not be what you would expect us to say!

Look around the market place and consider all your options. If all you are looking for is a cheap marketing alternative, you may consider a pure on-line agent, that doesn’t have a high street presence with local advertising or office that you can easily call into or a sales team you can build up a trusting professional relationship with – one that just relies on the internet to do the job.

If you prefer to meet face to face, see what you are getting for your money, work with a full sales team, experienced people accompanying buyers to your home, someone that’s available every working hour, a company that offers a more personal service – that’s where we come in!

Remember, EVERY Estate Agent works on-line. We also happen to run an accessible office that you can call into at any time. It’s just the level of service that you are looking for will determine what you pay. Experienced professional Estate Agents though, can often negotiate higher prices, a photo of your property on a website alone will not sell your property for the best price.

If you would like free, no obligation advice on any aspect of selling your home - now or in the future – we would welcome your call. Most people seek more than one option when buying or selling, so why not hear what we have to say. You have nothing to lose and maybe a better price to gain!

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